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Meet the Speaker

Pastor Matthew Tinkham, Jr. is a dynamic international speaker who presents the great themes of the Bible in a clear, enthusiastic and compelling way that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.  His multimedia presentations will bring to life the Bible like never before and provide powerful answers for an uneasy world.  Why do wars, terrorism and other tragedies keep happening?  When will there finally be peace?  Where can I find happiness and contentment in life?  What is my purpose for living?  Does God care when I'm hurting?  You will be amazed at how the Bible provides positive, hope-filled answers to these questions and more. Night after night, messages straight from the Bible will open before you a bright and hopeful future.  Pastor Matthew passionately enjoys presenting the message of the Bible.  He uses the Bible alone to unlock the hidden secrets to life's most perplexing questions.

Pastor Matthew is a native to the southeastern region of the United States, having been born and raised in the Tennessee River Valley in the city of Chattanooga.  From there he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degrees in Theology and International Studies, Spanish Emphasis.  He has minors in the areas of Biblical Languages and Psychology and two certifications, one in Ministry and the other in Bible Work.  But besides these academic accomplishments, Pastor Matthew feels a strong call to share the beautiful message of Jesus Christ in the Bible through his "Answers" seminars.  But this was not always the case.

Before He Met Jesus
Pastor Matthew was born into an active Christian family, but not long after his birth, parents' marriage began to go down hill.  Around the age of five, his parents divorced, and it wasn't long after that his mother left the church.  Since Pastor Matthew was under her custody, he left Christianity as well.  Pastor Matthew grew up in a worldly environment and with that came a deep, seemingly bottomless, pit of void in his heart.  His biggest struggles were dealing with the all the anger and hurt that came from his severally broken family and wrestling to find purpose and meaning to his vain life.  Many years he spent attempting to filling the void in his heart with all kinds of things (music, relationships, entertainment, etc.) to no avail.

His Conversion
It wasn't until the summer before his freshman year of high school that light began to enter his dark world.  His mother ran into an old classmate of hers that she went to school with at the Christian academy from which she had graduated .  He just happened now to be a pastor.  They struck up a friendship again and it wasn't long before they began to date.  Not much later, he invited Pastor Matthew's mother and family back to church.  They were very hesitant, but still made the decision to go.

It was during this time that Pastor Matthew had the big decision of where he would attend high school.  He had just moved out of zone for the public school system that he grew up in prohibiting him from attending the high school that all his friends were going to attend.  The options were go to the local high school or find a private school to attend.  Pastor Matthew wanted to go with the former option, but his mother relentlessly pushed to have him attend the Christian academy from which she had graduated.  Pastor Matthew gave in and started at the Christian academy.

During the first few weeks of school he noticed that his peers at the academy were much different from those at his old public school.  They had purpose, drive, and meaning in their lives.  They seemed to have something for which to live.  During those first few weeks one of his new classmates lost her father.  Even through this tragedy an unending joy and a peace that surpasses all understanding was demonstrated in her life.  Pastor Matthew couldn't believe how she could have such in this horrible time.  Then he began to ask questions.  "From where does this type of peace come?  How can I have meaning in life like these other kids?"

As Pastor Matthew asked these questions, the resounding answer from the other students was JESUS.  Within those first few weeks Pastor Matthew decided that he wanted the benefits of a relationship with Christ, and so he surrendered his whole life to Christ.  Months later, Pastor Matthew received his call from heaven to join the full-time Gospel Ministry as a pastor.  Not long after he did his first Bible seminar in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Currently, Pastor Matthew serves as a full-time pastor in Atlanta, Georgia.  He has traveled to many countries around the world (including countries like Ecuador, Cuba, Costa Rica, Greece, Argentina) sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in the Bible with countless numbers of people.  He enjoys seeing the lives of people become positively changed by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit through the proclamation of the Word of God.

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