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Frequently Asked Questions


Here is where can anonymously post your questions that you would like answered either on our website or in the seminar during the Q&A section. We'll do our best to quickly provide you with practical answers straight from the Bible, God's answer book. We hope these answers will deepen your understanding of God's Word and enrich your spiritual experience and life.

Seminar Information

When does the Answers Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia, begin?

It begins on Friday, May 10, 2013 at 7:30pm.  The opening night presentation will address the question, "Where Can I Find Answers?"   If you would like to see a more detailed schedule of what questions will be addressed and when, please visit our Schedule web page.

How can I pre-register for the Answers Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia?

Simply click on the link below and the pre-registration page will appear in your browser.  Fill out the web form and click the "pre-register" button at the end of the form to submit it.  Pre-Registration.

Is the Answers Series free?

Absolutely!  There is no cost for attending.  There will also be free study materials provided at the end of each session for you to take home and enjoy.  If you attend five nights you you will receive a FREE hardback Bible that contains study notes.  If you pre-register for the seminar you will also receive a FREE DVD.

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Ask a Bible Question

Use the web form below to ask a Bible question.  These questions will be answered during the Q&A period of the nightly Answer Series meetings.  You will also receive an email with an answer to your Bible question to help you in your study.

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