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This is the schedule for the Answers Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia, beginning Friday, May 10, 2013, at 7:30pm.  Please pre-register for the seminar by clicking the following link:  Pre-Registration​.



Fri.        5/10/2013       07:30pm       Where Can I Find Answers?
Sat.        5/11/2013        07:30pm       Who Am I and Where Did I Come From?
Sun.       5/12/2013       07:30pm        Is the World Coming to an End

Mon.      5/13/2013       07:30pm       Why Do Bad Things Happen To Me?
Tue.       5/14/2013       07:30pm       Will I Ever Find Peace?
Wed.      5/15/2013       07:30pm       What Is My Purpose in Life?
Thu.       5/16/2013      07:30pm        How Can I Relieve My Stress?
Fr..         5/17/2013      07:30pm        How Can I Be In Good Health?
Sat.        5/18/2013        11:00am        Where Is Justice When I Need It?
Sat.        5/18/2013      07:30pm         Is There Life After Death?
Sun.       5/19/2013      07:30pm         Is Heaven Real?

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